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MTB Training Program Designed by Trainer and Therapist of Team Yeti and The Big Mountain Enduro Series
Have more fun on the trail, get better times, prevent serious injury and win races with this unique training program designed specifically for MTB’ers and Enduro Racers.
"Damn right! Awesome coach and mentor, get on board people. It will change your life and the way your ride forever.. thanks Dee Tidwell"
Tristan Wood-Hill
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About Coach Dee Tidwell
In August of 2018 I swept the Big Mountain Enduro series at multiple races and won the overall championship for the inaugural Master 50+ category.

Before that, over last 4 years, I’ve raced in the 40+ division of the Big Mountain Enduro series and taken 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively using the exact training protocols I’m going to share here with you.

I've helped thousands of riders across the globe as well at the Yeti/Fox Factory Race Team achieve their best, and it’s no accident….
    A Proven Training Method
    I have been a strength and conditioning coach for over 25 years, and 17 of those years working directly with world-class, professional, and gold medal winning athletes…

    I’ve been developing my unique system for training mountain bikers for a long time, and I’ve tried and tested every piece of it so that I know it gets results. 

    In just a few hours a week you’ll become the best rider you can be without the need for hours of cardio, personal trainers or expensive equipment…
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    How The Enduro MTB Training Works
    The program is built on the foundation of what I call the Enduro MTB Training "PERFORMANCE PYRAMID"
    Each program is six weeks in length and has built in progression and an active recovery week which is crucial to overall growth and development. You'll know exactly what to do for each program because you'll have a schedule to guide you for each day of the entire program!
    The program is built on the foundation of what I call the Enduro MTB Training "PERFORMANCE PYRAMID"

    Each program is six weeks in length and has built in progression and an active recovery week which is crucial to overall growth and development. You'll know exactly what to do for each program because you'll have a schedule to guide you for each day of the entire program!
    Program #1 - "Rebuild and Restore"
    In Program #1 of the PERFORMANCE PYRAMID, you begin to build a wide base for mobility, flexibility and stability with the Enduro Rebuild and Restore, which is designed to optimize your body’s foundation and make you looser and more stable.

    Based off my experience in taking more than 1000 clients through my physical screening process, 98% of you have flexibility and stability issues that you’ve “accrued” over your lifetime due to injury, repetitive stress and trauma. 
    Program #2 - "Stabilize and Mobilize"
    Now Program #2 of the PERFORMANCE PYRAMID has a focus on Enduro Stability and Mobility. This is where we begin to move toward more “movement pattern re-education” utilizing the newfound flexibility and posture platform that was created in Program #1.

    You’re going to use effective, efficient movement patterns so that you maintain strength and control through the entire range of motions you need on the track. 
      Program #3 - "Strength"
      In Program #3 of the PERFORMANCE PYRAMID, we focus on Enduro Strength. Now we start to have some more fun in the training by laying down a strong foundation so that in program #4 you can have access to your power!

      Here we are challenging not just the muscle system, but also strengthening your balance, coordination and pushing that nervous system to another level. One of the key pieces of this will be to focus on your muscle tendons, so that you gain strength while also increasing stability and you natural ability to prevent injury during a crash. 

      Program #4 - "Power"
      Lastly- we come to the top of the PERFORMANCE PYRAMID, and it’s finally time to take advantage of your mobility, stability, new posture and movement patterns, and strength!

      Now we start to add SPEED to the equation with our Enduro Power program.

      This is where it all comes together and your hard work pays off on the trail and during each of your race efforts. 
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        Real Rider Feedback
        ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ All I can say is WOW! I'm truly a believer now. 
        I'll be honest, I thought this program might help me get in shape a bit but wasn't sure about the riding aspect of it. So far I have PR'd some of my local trails that I have aggressively rode for the last 10 plus years! Also some KOM's! Most of those years I was at a podium level expert XC racer who trained religiously with mass cardio. So to me, these little mobility moves are a big win! My cornering has improved so much, also arm pump is not nearly has bad. I just want to thank you for putting this program together, best money I have ever spent on my biking!!    
        Thanks again Dee! Can't wait for the season to start! 
        ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Won my first tournament
        I came to see Dee with a severe case of Sciatica and SI Joint dysfunction. It affected every component of my swing, not to mention being in a chronic state of pain! Here it is in February and I just won my first tournament at one of the hardest and demanding courses of the year, The AT&T Pebble Beach Pro AM! I can’t be more happy what Dee, has done for me!
        ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Won the 10 hour XC race!
        Well, even though we are training for enduro, I went and won the 10 hour XC race!!! 80miles, over 12,000 feet of climbing - 8 laps...had a shocker 4th lap and was very close to packing it in… but took on more fuel and carried on..

        Totally amazed...after being so tired all week!! My body is now exhausted...lots of aches!! I think some rest may now be in order!Truly amazed at what I can do, all that training is really paying off.....I never dreamt that I could pull off endurance race wins on strength training...I have not done any of the big road miles that I would usually rely on for prep!

        Oh, and last weekend I won the overall for the 40+ Women category in the Thank you....the first part of my season has been amazing!!!

        ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Helped my recovery from the worst injury of my life
        I was looking to take my training to the next level and try to compete at the top level of racing. I wasn't quit sure if wanted to commit to a training program for the next season but after I ended up in the hospital with a grade 3 lacerated spleen I knew I needed to do something to get back in shape. Making the choice to commit to Enduro Mountain Bike Training not only helped my recovery from the worst injury of my life but helped me get through a long season of racing injury free. All the support from the training program has transformed me get mentally and physically stronger. The commitment has helped me grow as an athlete, win races and compete against the best in the world. I'm looking forward to another season of training to help me reach my goals as a pro mountain biker. Thanks for all your help buddy!! 
        ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Helped perform above my competitors all season long
        Thanks for the best preparation and training possible! The specificity of my training not only helped me recover from my injuries more quickly it also allowed me to perform above my competitors all season long. You rock! Thanks for letting me do my best!”
        ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Gave me an edge on the competition
        Dee has taken my training to a new level. With new advances in high performance sports conditioning, he gave me an edge on the competition. Training for function and sports specifics will not only improve my results and consistency but will lengthen my career in motocross racing!”
        ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The whole program is great and helped me a lot. 
        In the past, I often had problems with lower back pain. So the main goal for me was to stabilize my core to prevent (or at least to reduce) back trouble. Since I am doing your exercises, my back is much better. 
        ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Achieved next level conditioning
        Dee allowed me to achieve my next level of conditioning that I hadn’t considered. His specificity is unbeatable!”
        ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Pretty sure it saved my shoulder joint
        I also think the flexibility and full body strengthening help me ride for 7 days with little impact and I am pretty sure it saved my shoulder joint when the bike to off with my arm! Had it been last year I would have had joint damage but I escaped with minor issues to biceps, triceps and pectoral.
        ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Successful race season
        My successful race season was due to many factors working together. Diet, rest, bike setup, there are many pieces to the puzzle of success. Incorporating strength training into my routine was a huge benefit at the end of the day. Just being able to recover better and ride strong, day after day, made a monumental difference. I would highly recommend Dee’s guidance to anyone who is trying to take their racing or riding to the next level. 
        This program is made for you if....
        •  You are new to the sport or an advanced rider...
        •  You’d like to ride longer and farther…
        •   You’re tired of the same results year after year… 
        •   You just want to be a better, faster, or a more skilled rider… 
        •   You’re tired of the “dirt roadie” mentality that says you must spend hours and hours on a road bike or stationary bike to “get to the next level…” 

        This program is made for you if....
        •  You’re tired of being sore and fatigued after a day on the trail… 
        •  Maybe you're getting "older" and want to continue to ride hard …
        •   You’re ready to have more fun without exposing yourself to serious injury… 
        •   You’re ready to ride with more “steaz,” take time off your Strava times, and beat your friends…
        Join today and become the best rider you know....
        Join today and become the best rider you know....
        In just a few hours a week you’ll become the best rider you can be without the need for excessive hours of cardio, personal trainers, or expensive equipment… just use the proven system revealed below and you won’t have to suffer and slog up the trail every time you ride!
        •  Lose weight, get leaner!
        •  Ride faster and longer without wearing out 
        •  Sprint faster and tackle those punchy climbs 
        •  Explode and power through technical sections 
        •  Jump to your next level of skills progression
        •  Avoid injury, reduce trauma and recover quicker when you involuntarily dismount 
        •  Recover faster from muscle fatigue and soreness 

        Made In Colorado @ Enduro MTB Training