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CAN YOU IMAGINE, in less than 90 days from now, you could be stronger, faster and more powerful on the trail! 

This is the only cutting edge 90-day system designed by a pro to explode your riding and take your performance to the next level.
Don't you think it's time to Invest in yourself and become the best MTB’er you can be? 
In just a few hours a week you’ll become a better rider WITHOUT the need for hours of cardio or expensive equipment… just use the proven system revealed below and you’ll be blazing past the competition and seeing skills progression like you never thought possible…

Special Report by Dee Tidwell
- Ambassador/Coach- Yeti Cycles 
- Creator of the Enduro MTB Training System 
- 2X Overall Masters winner - Big Mountain Enduro

Think back to the last time you had a really good ride. 

I’m talking about one of those perfect days on the trail, where you’re feeling good and loving the scenery, nailing all your lines, having a blast…just completely in the zone. 

Then think about just how awesome that made you feel.

The thing I love about those perfect days is just how FUN it is to be out on my bike. 

And it’s days like that which prompted me to create this unique program that will help you get the endurance, control and strength you need to have more perfect days. 

Whether you’re already into Enduro or you’re looking to prepare yourself for it, I’ve got the program that will make sure your “A Game” looks effortless and gives you the competitive edge you need. 

Is this program for you?
  • If you’re ready to start racing …
  • If you’re a DH’er, BMX’er, DJ’er or XC racer ready to get into the thrill and
            challenge of Enduro…
  • If you just want to be a better, faster and more skilled mountain biker
  •     If you are looking to prevent injury
  • ​  If you want to ride longer and farther without bonking
  • ​  If you want to beat your friends and your own PR's
Then I have some awesome news for you.

I’ve created a system that combines the latest research on effective strength and conditioning training with the unique demands of mountain bike riding, and it’s already helped many world-class racers take their riding to the next level.

“Thanks for the best preparation and training possible! The specificity of my training not only helped me recover from my injuries more quickly, it also allowed me to perform above my competitors all season long. You rock! Thanks for letting me do my best!” 

-- Missy Giove, Professional Downhill Mountain Biker – Team Global

This is the only comprehensive MTB training system designed by a professional strength and conditioning coach with over 23 years of experience.

I helped Missy Giove perform at her best, and it’s no accident…

You see, I’ve been a trainer and mountain bike rider for over 23 years. I’m the Official Soft Tissue Therapist and Training Provider for Yeti Cycles and the Big Mountain Enduro series, and I travel around to multiple races a year, helping athletes give 100% while preventing and recovering from injuries. 

In fact, I've won the overall for the 40+ and 50+ division of the Big Mountain Enduro series, and have taken 2nd and 3rd overall in other years using the EXACT training program I’m going to share here with you!

This program was designed for MTB’ers like you, already doing Enduro or eager to try it out…AND it was designed with your busy lifestyle in mind.
Get Mountain Biking and Enduro Training Without Spending All Your Time at the Gym

Because I do all my own training and racing WHILE running a business and being an active husband to my wife and father to my two great kids, I know first-hand EXACTLY what it takes to push yourself and progress as a rider EVEN when you have a busy lifestyle that doesn’t leave you with hours and hours of extra time to sweat it out in the gym every single week.

And as a rider, I know that you’d prefer to be on the trail when you can get out there. 

That’s why this program is designed to quickly pump up your speed, endurance and skills without a single wasted exercise. 

In fact, if you only put in 3 one-hour sessions a week on this program you’ll notice the results (on and off the trail) within just a few weeks…and in less than 90 days, you’ll see SERIOUS improvements across the board in your strength, power and speed.

Imagine exploding out the gate, nailing your lines, powering up climbs, and shredding through jumps and corners with power you didn’t even know you had.
It takes just a few hours a week on the days when you’re not already riding to make you a podium-level rider, NO MATTER YOUR AGE OR GENDER.

Now, at this point you may be wondering…

 "Okay guy, but why do I need a complete training program? Don’t I just need to be putting in more miles on a road bike or stationary bike?”
Train LIKE A MOUNTAIN BIKER not a roadie!

The straight truth – based on what I see every day in my training business – is that you can get WAY better improvements in your performance with this system than you can from pedaling alone.

The fact is, at the end of the day, cardio-only training does not translate to the trail. It won’t improve your power or control through technical terrain, or make you any faster. 

So why waste your time? 

What you need is a comprehensive training system created for MTB’ers by a rider with over 23 years of experience. I can’t wait to show you my proven system for increasing your endurance, power, strength and control on and off the bike, because I want you to be able to RIDE FEARLESSLY. 

What you need is a comprehensive training system created for MTB’ers by a rider with over 23 years of experience. I can’t wait to show you my proven system for increasing your endurance, power, strength and control on and off the bike, because I want you to be able to RIDE FEARLESSLY. 

But before we get into exactly HOW I’m going to give you the fitness and confidence you need to win races and have more fun than ever, I have a few questions.

Do you need complete training?

You should consider this training system if you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions.

Do you get fatigued when you ride or race?
Do you suffer from arm pump?
How about neck or shoulder pain?
Do you know how to warm up properly, so you are fully ready to ride your best?
Do you know what to do when you crash, and how to get ready for the next day of riding or racing?
Is your posture or technique creating bad habits?
Do you need know how to fix bad habits you already have and keep from developing new ones?

This program will help every one of these and more, including giving you the same confidence I have when I head out on ride or for race day!

The Enduro MTB training system builds amateur to world-class riders from the ground up with the proven system I call…

Program #1 - "Stabilize and Mobilize"

Program #1 of the PERFORMANCE PYRAMID has a focus on Enduro Stability and Mobility. This is where we teach your body “movement pattern re-education” which is designed to optimize your body’s foundation and make you looser and more stable.

Think of this first program as if you were designing and building a MTB frame. With this example, we know that it needs to be built of strong material. It needs to be welded, or molded, by a professional. And it needs to move where it’s designed to move, and be stiff and stable where it’s designed to be stiff and stable … just like your body!

Program #2 - "Strength"

Program #2 of the PERFORMANCE PYRAMID has a focus on Enduro StrengthNow we start to have some more fun in the training by laying down a strong foundation so that in program #3 you can have access to your power.

Here, in building your bike, is where you choose parts that can provide the most strength for your bike so it is reliable, can take big hits with no problem, and can shake off an accident like it was no sweat. Without strong parts, there’s no way you’ll feel 100% comfortable laying down some serious horse power and speed!

Program #3 - "Power"

Lastly- we come to the top of the PERFORMANCE PYRAMID, and it’s finally time to take advantage of your mobility, stability, new posture and movement patterns, and strength!

Now at the last stage of the “building your bike” analogy, it’s time for you to hop on that bad boy and start ripping the cranks off, throwing it around, droppin’ the drops, slammin’ into corners and straight out getting every single ounce of performance that you can out of your bike!

At the peak of the Performance Pyramid, you’re the strongest, fastest, most powerful rider that you can be.

…AND you’re better protected from injury. 

I’m not exaggerating when I say this training could be the difference between needing a break to stretch and walk it off or having to go the hospital with a serious injury. 

I’m not exaggerating when I say this training could be the difference between needing a break to stretch and walk it off or having to go the hospital with a serious injury like I did at this years Enduro World Series/ Big Mountain Enduro in Aspen… check this one out!

I only sustained a deep elbow bruise and broken seat, but the racer in front of me, who also crashed, broke three ribs, his wrist and rung his bell!

Not only will you just be avoiding injury and learning how to recover faster – you also won’t need to worry anymore about chronic stiffness and soreness in your shoulders, neck and low back.

I can tell you right now that the proven system I’m sharing with you will not only allow you to go into racing (and that’s ALL types of MTB racing), but epic bike-packing trips, multi-day “trans” type races and general trail shredding!

Get the Program That Works for Top MTB Racers

“I have been racing mountain bikes for nearly 10 years, and Enduro MTB Training has helped bridge the gap from training just for fitness to training to be a stronger, more capable all-around rider. Enduro racing is one of the most complicated disciplines to train for, plan for and race strong day in and day out…Enduro MTB Training has brought together a training solution that addresses all of these aspects in one program that easily adapts to my busy lifestyle and work…it keeps the rubber side down and me injury free, which is half the battle to a successful race season.” 

-- Sarah R. – Communications and PR- Big Mountain Enduro

“Dee has taken my training to a new level. With new advances in high-performance sports conditioning, he gave me an edge on the competition.”

-- Danny Smith, Professional Motocross Racer – Team Suzuki

“Season went pretty well and I exceeded my expectations for the motorbike Enduro early so I just joyride for the rest of the year while sticking to your program…Went freeriding on the dirt bike for 7 days in Romania and attribute your program to me beating the guide…I also think the flexibility and full body strengthening help me ride for 7 days with little impact and I am pretty sure it saved my shoulder joint…” 

-- Jeppe Nygaard

“Dee allowed me to achieve my next level of conditioning that I hadn’t considered.  His specificity is unbeatable!”

-- Mike LaRocco, Professional Motocross Racer

I had not realized how tight and stiff I was previously riding. Just getting everything to loosen up a bit was huge. The biggest thing I noticed was my ability to correct and adapt when things were going wrong. I had so many close calls this year, moments when I should have been on the ground. Being strong enough and more mobile helped me to adapt quickly and stay off of the ground. 

One violent crash can ruin a season of racing, so the ability to ride stronger and prevent this from happening is priceless. I can honestly say that my training kept me from getting hurt on numerous occasions.

Incorporating strength training into my routine was a huge benefit at the end of the day. Just being able to recover better and ride strong, day after day, made a monumental difference. I would highly recommend Dee’s guidance to anyone who is trying to take their racing or riding to the next level.” 

-- Nate Hills – 2014 Big Mountain Enduro Overall Pro Winner , 2015- 2nd place, 2016- 3rd place

You could see results like those elite racers saw in less than 90 days and start shredding the trail like never before.
And... you can do this at the gym or at home with basics like dumbbells, an exercise ball, a roller, a bench, and a medicine ball!
The Enduro MTB Training System

Check out all the killer training and performance enhancing tools you get:

Stabilize and Mobilize Program – Correct any fundamental issues with your posture and form, and create a foundation for explosive growth in your strength, speed, endurance and skills..

Strength Program – BOOM, are YOU ready? Here are the workouts that will make you strong, period. Not the strength that you may be visualizing in your head right now with some meathead body builder or power lifter, but BIKE STRONG, just like we want it!

Power Program – This is the top of the Performance Pyramid and where you get some serious power out of your body. This is where the phrase, “Break the Friggin’ Cranks OFF!” was originated!

Follow-Along Videos All of the videos for each of the stretches and exercises for the entire training system. They’ll show you the correct form for each exercise and the best ways to maximize your results. They’re short (I won’t bore you with a bunch of info you don’t need to know), descriptive and 100% proven to work.

Email support- if you ever have a question, I’m here to help you! I want you to be successful and I will help you in those times of need!

Official “Members Only Client Hub”- Only members have access to this password protected area! You will be able to download all of the manuals and watch all the videos in one simple location!

Normally I charge $410/month for training, and that gets you one session with me per week. Not only will you get at least 3 months of workouts out of this program…a value of $900…but you get as many hours of training per week as you can fit in! 
The amount of information I’ve put in this program is valued at over $900!
I want every Enduro racer and MTB’er across the globe to take their performance to a level they never thought possible! 

So in order to do this, 
we’re not charging you $499, or even $199...

But for a short time only, you can at get the entire Enduro MTB System
I’m making this entire program available at a price lower than a 
Maxxis tire… just one payment of $47.
If you’re ready to invest in yourself and the “mountain bike athlete” in you, then grab this program now..
I guarantee this system will help you “get to the next level” or I’ll refund your money.
My 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
This gives you a full 30 DAYS to try the program out, work through the exercises, and see your progress on the trail. And if you aren’t satisfied that I’ve created a system that will truly help you evolve as a rider, then just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.
I can happily give this guarantee because I know first-hand how well this program works for real MTB competitors at the most ELITE level and I’m confident it will work just as well for you.
So if that has you feeling all warm and fuzzy, then what are you waiting for?
Click the button and let’s get rollin’!
Remember that this is an “e-product,” which means that you’ll have immediate access to everything we listed before.

Oh, last thing. Don’t be a scoundrel and share your program with someone else!
We’ve worked hard to create this program for YOU, so don’t “dirt us” by giving it to someone who hasn’t purchased the program… Cool? Thank you.

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