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  •   How you can ride hard right from the start. 
  • The 1-minute stretch that will have you feeling great. 
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Finally! ENDURO MTB STRONG TRAINING is The Secret To Automatically RIDE LONGER, HARDER AND FARTHER! ... (Without BONKING!)...
How Do You Know You Need An MTB Training Program?
  • You are new to the sport, advanced rider or gravity racer...
  •  You’d like to ride longer and farther…
  •  You’re tired of the same results year after year… 
  •  You just want to be a better, faster, or a more skilled rider… 
  •  You’re tired of the “dirt roadie” mentality that says you must spend hours and hours on a road bike or stationary bike to “get to the next level…” 
  •  You’re tired of being sore and fatigued after a day on the trail… 
  •  You're getting "older" and want to continue to ride hard … (I'm 51 and I still shred!)
  •  You’re ready to have more fun without exposing yourself to serious injury… 
  •  You’re ready to ride with more “steaz,” take time off your Strava times, and beat your friends…
Training System
Break FREE from the “DIRT ROADIE” mentality and start training like a mountain biker NEEDS to!
Let me help YOU take your riding to the next level!
As a mountain biker, the sport we love demands far more of us than just cardiovascular fitness, and if you aren’t training for those demands, you are leaving A TON of your riding potential on the table!
Spend a few minutes right now and let me show you the NEWEST cutting edge mountain biker-specific program designed by The creator of “Enduro MTB Training” and ambassador and former coach of the Yeti/Fox Factory Race Team!  It’s the…
In just a few hours a week you’ll become the best rider you can be WITHOUT the need for excessive hours of cardio, personal trainers, or expensive equipment… just use the proven system revealed below and you won’t have to suffer and slog up the trail every time you ride!

Press release by MTB fitness coach Dee Tidwell-
-Official Trainer of the Big Mountain Enduro Series and former trainer for the Yeti/Fox Enduro race team

-Creator of the Enduro MTB Training System 

-2014/18 Big Mountain Enduro Overall 40+ and 50+ Winner, 2nd- 2015, 3rd- 2016

Think back to the last time you had a really good ride.

I’m talking about one of those perfect days on the trail, where you’re feeling good and loving the scenery, picking good lines, having a blast. You are completely in the zone.

Then think about just how awesome that made you feel.

The thing I love about those perfect days is just how FUN it is to be out on my bike.

It’s days like those which prompted me to create this unique program that will help you get the endurance, control and strength you need to have more perfect days.

Whether you’re already into mountain biking or you’re looking to prepare yourself for it, I’ve got the program that will make sure your “A Game” looks effortless and give you that edge you are looking for.

No more 50% days, no more miserable rides or races, no more long periods of pain and recovery. Just clean, amazing rides where your whole body is dialed in and you know you’re capable of giving it your best.

Why you NEED this downloadable training system…
I know you want to attack your performance goals from a new, highly effective approach— training not just for endurance like roadies, but for the optimal development of raw, explosive strength, and the delivery of a higher percentage of max power for the longest period of time! 

For mountain bikers, it’s about preserving optimal techniques while fatigued!
Well Guess What?
You can now have the training system that combines the latest research on effective strength and conditioning training with the unique demands of mountain biking, and it’s already helped many world-class racers take their riding to the next level.
"The comprehensive training that Dee provided allowed me to perform at my best while mitigating fatigue and potential injuries. Dee encouraged a focus on mobility, strength, and learning what worked best for me personally to create the best possible approach for my race preparation! Addressing my imbalances developed me into a more well rounded and healthy athlete than I had ever been able to achieve on my own. Thanks, Dee! 

-- Anne Galyean, Yeti/Fox Factory Race Team
This is my NEWEST comprehensive MTB training system designed by me, Dee Tidwell, a professional strength and conditioning coach AND a successful DH and Enduro racer.

I helped thousands of riders across the globe as well at the Yeti/Fox Factory Race Team achieve their best, and it’s no accident…I’ve been developing my unique system for training mountain bikers for a long time, and I’ve tried and tested every piece of it so that I know it gets results. Nothing that I’m going to ask you to do is a waste of your time.

I’ve had time to develop this because I’ve been a trainer, mountain biker, and racer for OVER 31 years.

I also have 18 years of professional soft tissue training, and 19 years of experience working directly with world-class, professional, and gold medal winning athletes.

My MTB training techniques are featured in places like Pink Bike, VitalMTB, Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine, Mountain Bike Radio, Mountain Flyer magazine, to name a few.
Above all, I’m seriously passionate about helping mountain bikers worldwide take their fitness and abilities to the next level!
This program was designed for mountain bikers like you, already riding… AND it was designed to fit into your busy lifestyle and schedule.

“Hey coach

Well, even though we are training for enduro, I went and won the 10-hour XC race!!!    80miles, over 12,000 feet of climbing - 8 laps.

Truly amazed at what I can do, all that training is really paying off... I never dreamt that I could pull off endurance race wins on strength training since I have not done any of the big road miles that I would usually rely on for prep!

Oh, and last weekend, my first race ever, I won the overall for the 40+ Women category! Thank you... the first part of my season has been amazing!!!”

-- Lizzy P. - Ireland

Get #MTBstrong Without Spending a Ton of Time at the Gym
Because I do all my own training and racing WHILE running a business and being a husband and an active father to my two great kids, I know firsthand EXACTLY what it takes to push yourself and progress as a rider EVEN when you have a busy lifestyle that doesn’t leave you with hours of extra time to sweat it out in the gym or on the bike every single week.

And as a rider, I know that you’d prefer to be on the trail when you can be out there.

That’s why this program is designed to quickly pump up your speed, endurance and skills with skillfully put together workouts that enhance your body’s ability to move.

In fact, if you only put in three, one-hour sessions a week doing the MTB Strong program you’ll notice the results (on and off the trail) within just a few weeks… in fact, you’ll see SERIOUS improvements across the board in your strength, power and speed by the end of the program, NO MATTER YOUR PRESENT LEVEL OF FITNESS or skill level!

Now, at this point you may be wondering…

 “Why do I need a complete training program? Don’t I just need to be putting in more miles on a road bike or just riding my mountain bike?”

Training like a ROADIE is OVER, and it's time to progress to 
how Mountain Biker's NEED to Train
The truth is that you can get WAY better improvements in your performance without all long, boring hours spent spinning your wheels.

In fact, based on what I see every day in my training and coaching business, there is a VERY good chance you wouldn’t see significant results from that kind of training anyway.

Now, I’m not saying that you couldn’t improve your fitness by putting in hours a day on a road bike or by hitting your rollers in the winter. I’ve met many riders who train for the trail simply by pedaling, and they DO improve their cardio base and may even increase a bit of their endurance…but, at the end of the day, all of that training does not translate to the trail. 

IT MAY BE GOOD AND NECESSARY FOR ROADIES, BUT It won’t improve your power or control through technical terrain, or make you any faster because it DOESN’T TRAIN YOUR BODY TO BE STRONG.

So why waste your time?

My unique system for improving your strength, power, skills, mobility, balance, endurance and control is will MAKE YOU A BETTER ATHLETE and allow you to be able to manage fatigue longer!
As a mountain biker we need similar athletic qualities to motocross athletes:

1.    Great mobility in your hips, ankles, knees, shoulders and wrists

2.    Strong stability

3.    Unfailing posture

4.    Optimal breathing mechanics

5.    Strength endurance

6.    Balance, agility and pristine coordination

7.    Good cardiovascular performance

8.    Ability to recover quickly after uphills or DH's

These are the UNIQUE variables that separate us from road cyclists and make our training needs VERY different!
Be the Best Rider You Know
If you want specialized training designed specifically to make you a stronger, faster rider…uniquely created to help you ride farther and reduce the impact of injury…then MTB Strong is the only comprehensive training program with your needs in mind.

What I’m going to show you in this downloadable/online program will only take a few hours a week, and it will help you:
  • Loose weight, get leaner!
  •  Ride faster and longer without wearing out 
  •  Sprint faster and tackle those punchy climbs 
  •  Explode and power through technical sections 
  •  Easily turn over bigger gears whether you use a 1X, 2X, or a triple 
  •  Maintain clean lines with improved bike control 
  •  Jump to your next level of skills progression 
  •  Avoid injury, reduce trauma and recover quicker when you involuntarily dismount 
  •  Recover faster from muscle fatigue and soreness 
As a #mountainbiker, do you need complete training?
You should start this training system if you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions.
  • ​Do you fatigue quicker than you want to when you ride or race?
  •  Do you wonder why you don’t have the strength to blow through some of the tough downhill sections that your skills are up for but your body isn’t? 
  •   Do you suffer from cramping? 
  •  Do you struggle with knee, lower back, hip or shoulder pain? 
  •  Do you know how to warm up properly, so your body is ready for peak performance? 
  •  Do you know what to do when you crash, and how to help yourself recover quicker? 
  •  What about the best nutrition? 
  •  Injuries: you’ve got ‘em, but do you know how to get rid of them? 
  •  Do you know if your posture or technique is creating bad habits…or how to fix bad habits that you already have? 
We all have multiple issues in many of those areas, right? It’s just part of riding! 
This program will give you that same confidence I have when I head out to ride… and it’s not going to require any fancy equipment, hours of grueling cardio, expensive personal trainers, or overly-complicated workout routines.

So here’s how the “MTB Strong Training System” builds better riders from the ground up with the unique, proven system I call…

MTB Strong Training System"

“Power is the ability to express strength with speed. And you can’t create strength without a body that has optimal stability and mobility, and you can’t create that until you’ve solved your body’s weaknesses, joint stiffness, muscle tightness and posture.”

That may sound like a lot of work, but I promise you – it’s actually very simple, and it’s absolutely essential to making you the best rider you can be.

This is how I’ve worked with all of my clients and flat out… it works!

So are you ready to start building some HORSE POWER?

Like the arrow shows in the above diagram, we build horse power in our PERFORMANCE PYRAMID from the ground up… here’s how:

Program #1 - "Rebuild and Restore"

In Program #1 of the PERFORMANCE PYRAMID, you begin to build a wide base for mobility, flexibility and stability with the Rebuild and Restore, which is designed to optimize your body’s foundation and make you looser and more stable.

Based off my experience in taking in more than 1000 clients through my physical screening process, 98% of have flexibility and stability issues that have accrued over a lifetime due to injury, repetitive stress and trauma. It is those experiences that create inflexibility and instability. The goal of Program #1 is to begin the process of dealing with those limitations using stretches and corrective exercises.

Posture for example, is one of the issues we’ll address in this first program. Just think about it: most of us riders spent spend a ton of time in flexion on the bike, and then again working at a desk or on a computer, and then again behind the wheel of a vehicle. All of this can lead to dysfunctional shoulder movement patterns, disrupted breathing mechanics, and inefficiency of power between your handlebars and pedals. 

That’s why as cyclists, we need to counterbalance this over-flexed lifestyle if we want to be true high-performance athletes out on the track, as well as avoiding injury, stiffness and soreness.

Program #2 - "Stabilize and Mobilize"

Program #2 of the PERFORMANCE PYRAMID has a focus on Stability and MobilityThis is where right off the bat we begin to teach your body “movement pattern re-education” which is designed to optimize your body’s foundation and make you looser and more stable.

Program #3 and 6 - "Strength"

In Program #3  and 6 of the PERFORMANCE PYRAMID, we focus on Strength. Now we start to have some more fun in the training by laying down a strong foundation so that in Program #3 you can have access to your power and in Program $5, we mix it up!!

Here we are challenging not just the muscle system, but also strengthening your balance, coordination and pushing that nervous system to another level. One of the key pieces of this will be to focus on your muscle tendons, so that you gain strength while also increasing stability and your natural ability to prevent injury during a crash. 

This is also where we’ll work on my secret ingredients: nerve and muscle growth. This is how you will truly transform your body from the inside out in a way that translates to strength and power on the track.

Program #4 and 5 - "Power"

Lastly- we come to the top of the PERFORMANCE PYRAMID, and it’s finally time to take advantage of your mobility, stability, new posture and movement patterns, and STRENGTH!

Now we start to add SPEED to the equation with Programs $4 and 5 of our Power program that utilizes plyometric and speed exercises in movement patterns that are designed to give you the ability to LAY DOWN SOME SERIOUS SPRINTING HORSE POWER and uphill transition bursts when you need them.

This is where it all comes together and your hard work pays off on the trail and during each of your race efforts. STRAIGHT UP… THIS IS WHERE IT IS SOOOOO FUN!

At the peak of the MTB Strong Performance Pyramid, you’re the strongest, fastest, most powerful rider that you can be.
…AND you’re better protected from injury. Everything from gravity checks, OTB’s, and high-speed ejections becomes easier to avoid when your body is stronger and more flexible. 

I’m not exaggerating when I say this training could be the difference between needing a break to stretch and walk it off or having to go the hospital with a serious injury.

And you won’t just be avoiding injury and learning how to recover faster – you’ll also get so strong, flexible and mobile that you won’t need to worry anymore about stiffness and soreness in your shoulders, neck, and low back.

This is the Program That Works for Top MTB Riders and Racers
This program works because I built it based on sound science and real life experience training, racing, and helping others achieve their peak potential. I’ve seen this exact system work for myself and many other race winners doing Enduro, XC, DH and other races.

Everyone who has used my system from start to finish has seen explosive growth in their speed, endurance, strength, power and control on the bike.

Check out some of the testimonials I’ve received:
What People Are Saying

“I have been racing mountain bikes for nearly 10 years, and Enduro MTB Training has helped bridge the gap from training just for fitness to training to be a stronger, more capable all-around rider. Enduro racing is one of the most complicated disciplines to train for, plan for and race strong day in and day out…Enduro MTB Training has brought together a training solution that addresses all of these aspects in one program that easily adapts to my busy lifestyle and work…it keeps the rubber side down and me injury free, which is half the battle to a successful race season.”

-- Sarah R. – Owner of Vida Mtb MTB Clinics Series for women,

“2017 was my third year working with Dee and Enduro MTB training, and it was far and away my best season to date! Working full time with a family, training time is limited, and having a program that is precise and to the point maximized my potential. When your competing at the highest level you need a program and a coach that provides no second guessing, and that program is Enduro MTB training and that coach is Dee Tidwell.    

Chris Heath – Yeti/Fox Factory Team racer and 2nd place overall in Big MTB Enduro series

“Season went pretty well and I exceeded my expectations for the motorbike Enduro early so I just joyride for the rest of the year while sticking to your program…Went freeriding on the dirt bike for 7 seven days in Romania and attribute your program to me beating the guide. …I also think the flexibility and full body strengthening help me ride for 7 days with little impact and I am pretty sure it saved my shoulder joint.t…”

-- Jeppe Nygaard- amateur rider

“Dee allowed me to achieve my next level of conditioning that I hadn’t considered.  His specificity is unbeatable!”

-- Mike LaRocco, One of the best Professional Motocross Racers of all time, #5!

“After the 2014 season I was looking to take my training to the next level and try to compete at the top level of racing. I wasn't quit sure if wanted to commit to a training program for the next season but after I ended up in the hospital with a grade 3 lacerated spleen I knew I needed to do something to get back in shape. Making the choice to commit to Enduro Mountain Bike Training not only helped my recovery from the worst injury of my life but helped me get through a long season of racing injury free.  All the support from the training program has transformed me get mentally and physically stronger. The commitment has helped me grow as an athlete, win races and compete against the best in the world. I'm looking forward to another season of training to help me reach my goals as a pro mountain biker. Thanks for all your help buddy!! “                        -

-- Marco Osborne- Cannondale All Mountain Team

“I had not realized how tight and stiff I was previously riding. Just getting everything to loosen up a bit was huge. The biggest thing I noticed was my ability to correct and adapt when things were going wrong. I had so many close calls this year, moments when I should have been on the ground. Being strong enough and more mobile helped me to adapt quickly and stay off of the ground. One violent crash can ruin a season of racing, so the ability to ride stronger and prevent this from happening is priceless. I can honestly say that my training kept me from getting hurt on numerous occasions.

Incorporating strength training into my routine was a huge benefit at the end of the day. Just being able to recover better and ride strong, day after day, made a monumental difference. I would highly recommend Dee’s guidance to anyone who is trying to take their racing or riding to the next level.”

-- Nate Hills – Purveyor of #followcamfriday at and multiple time winner of Big  Mountain Enduro Series and other major enduro races in the U.S.

Here's What You Get:
The “MTB Strong Training System”
  • Once you purchase you get access to the 'client hub' where you will find access to downloading the pdf programs and where you can watch all the instructional videos.
  • Follow Along Self-screen – I walk you through a physical screen/ evaluation so you can see exactly where you lack in areas like flexibility, stability, balance, proprioception and strength! You will assess yourself first thing, then regularly to see how much you are improving as you work through the program.
  • 6 Complete Programs – Each step on the pyramid is a complete program that comes with an easy-to-follow downloadable and printable PDF manuals and all the VIDEOS for each exercise and superset training groups! These programs include everything you need to be successful, whether you’re working out at home, in the gym, or on the road. Open the manuals up on any computer, or print them out to take with you – they’re completely portable and designed so that absolutely anyone can follow them.
  • Rebuild and Restore – Correct any fundamental issues with your flexibility, joint mobility, posture and form, all to create a foundation for explosive growth in your strength, speed, endurance and skills.
  • Stabilize and Muscle Growth – Correct any fundamental issues with your posture and form, and create a foundation for explosive growth in your strength, speed, endurance and skills.
  • 2 Strength Programs – BOOM, are YOU ready? Here are the workouts that will make you strong, period. Not the strength that you may be visualizing in your head right now with some meathead body builder or power lifter, but BIKE STRONG, just like we want it!
  • 2 Power Programs – This is the top of the Performance Pyramid and where you get some serious power out of your body. This is where the phrase, “Break the Friggin’ Cranks OFF!” was originated from!
  • Each of the programs includes exercises like -​Squats, Push ups, Pull ups; Bend exercises like Deadlifts and rows; Shoulder work, and Core work... all designed using superset type formats to make you work like you will on the trail! You WILL become proficient in these patterns because with every program change, you will be challenged even more!
  • Do at the Gym and Home –Yes you can do this program at home without expensive equipment! You just need dumbbells, exercise ball, TRX, a roller, bands, a Bosu and a medicine ball! 
  • Follow-Along HD Videos – All of the videos for each of the stretches and IN WORKOUT TYPE FORMAT for each of the superset exercises for the entire training system. IT’S LIKE YOU ARE WORKING OUT WITH ME! I’ll show you the correct form for each exercise and the best ways to maximize your results. They’re short and simple (I won’t bore you with a bunch of info you don’t need to know), descriptive and 100% proven to work.
  • Email support - if you ever have a question, I’m here to help you! I want you to be successful and I will help you in those times of need!
  • Official “Members Only Client Hub” - Only members have access to this password protected area! You will be able to download all of the manuals and watch all the videos in one simple location on your computer or mobile device!
And the best part?
You’ll have IMMEDIATE access to the program since everything is right here online.
Once you purchase the program you will create login credentials and you’ll be directed to a MEMBERS ONLY area where you can immediately download the manuals and watch the videos!

The amount of information I’ve put in this program is valued at over $2500!


I want YOU to take your #mtnbike 
performance to a level you never thought possible!

 You can get the entire

35-Week MTB Strong Training System,

*** FOR ONLY $75 ***


Even Yeti Cycles CEO Chris Conroy said, “WOW, are you sure you don’t want to charge more? That’s a huge amount of information for $75!”

That’s why I’m making all of these videos, manuals, and insider techniques available to you at a price lower than a pair of Maxxis tires …just one payment of $99 (Today Just $75!!) 

Because truthfully, I don’t know how long I can keep the price this low, especially when I’m giving away – for FREE – entire parts of the program…

To make sure you’re getting EVERYTHING you need to truly take your skills to the next level, I’m going to include – completely FREE – 2 bonuses that I know will really help you.

Buy now and I'll throw in these two awesome BONUSES – completely FREE!

Pre-Ride Warm Up

This will make sure you’re as ready to go for every practice as you are for game day, and it only takes a few minutes!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

MTB Nutrition Guide

Nutrition guidance and tips that will maximize your fitness on and off the bike (no crazy diets required – just exactly the right foods to eat for perfect body fuel on race day and every day!).

In just a few months you could be jetting out the gate, powering up every climb, shredding through the technical sections and beating your buddies… all with more control, more confidence, and more pure, unadulterated FUN than ever before.

In fact, I guarantee this system will help you “get to the next level” or  I’ll refund your money.

That’s My 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This gives you a full 60 DAYS (that’s over 8 WEEKS) to try the program out, work through the exercises, and see your progress on the trail. And if you aren’t satisfied that I’ve created a system that will truly help you evolve as a rider, then just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.

I can happily give this guarantee because I know first-hand how well this program works for real MTB competitors at the most ELITE level and I’m confident it will work just as well for you.

So if that has you feeling motivated,
 then what are you waiting for?

FAQ- Let me answer your questions:

1) Can I do this program at home? 

Yes you can! Most of the program you can do at home with: 

  • Bands
  • Exercise ball
  • A few dumbbells
  • Foam roller
  • LAX or tennis ball
  • Kettlebell or heavier dumbbell, or even a bucket with sand!

Plus, we’ll give you the links to all the products you need right inside the program. 

2) Do I need an exercise bike at home? 

No, you can use a simple trainer if you can’t get outside

3) Does the program include videos? 

Yes, all 60+ of them in fact, expertly coaching you through each move, so you know exactly how to do the movement with perfect form for maximum results. 

4) Is this program a “cardio based” program? 

This program includes cardio prescriptions, but for the best “trail results” the body needs more mobility, flexibility, stability, strength and power…way more than it needs just “more base miles!” This program is designed to help mountain bikers with the physical needs of the sport, not just the “lung” needs! 

5) Is this program good for women? 

ABSOLUTELY! All athletes can benefit from our mountain bike training programs. We all have postural issues, breathing mechanics issues, inflexibilities, instabilities, strength and power deficits and the need for guidance. So yes, WE LOVE WORKING WITH women bikers and support the VIDA MTB Series in helping women take their riding to the next level. 

6) How much time does this take each week? 

You can use this program as little or as much as you’d like on the days when you aren’t out on the bike, but I recommend you do at least three one-hour training sessions a week to see and feel immediate results.

Remember that this is an “e-product,” which means that you’ll have immediate access to everything we listed before. We will not be sending you any physical products. So buy it, download it, and get to training! Your newfound strength, power, balance, coordination, flexibility, stability, and stamina await you!

Oh, last thing. Don’t be a scumbag and share your program with someone else! I’ve worked REALLY hard to create this program for YOU, so don’t “dirt me” by giving it to someone who hasn’t purchased the program… Cool?  Thank you.

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